Who We Are?


The Board of European Students of Technology is a non-profit organization of technical students from all over Europe. We consist of 95 local groups at the best technical schools in 33 European countries.

BEST consists of about 3600 active members, who by their enthusiasm and motivation to work, want to develop themselves and others. We are united by sharing similar values, such as: the desire to gain valuable experience, develop communication skills, or persistence in achieving goals.

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Local BEST Group Krakow was established in 1994 at AGH University of Science and Technology and is one of the 97 Local BEST Groups.

With over 60 active members we are one of the strongest teams in Europe. Yearly, we organise 24 local and international events which are very popular among students from all universities in Krakow. 


Did you know that Krakow is more than one thousand years old? It also used to be a capital of Poland. Now it’s the second biggest city with almost 1 million inhabitants, including around 200.000 students. 

Krakow is also noted for being a prominent scientific, academic and artistic spot in Europe, not to mention its cultural background. You just can’t avoid museums, churches or galleries here, because they are EVERYWHERE. What is more, Krakow is now the most popular tourist spot in Poland with more than 10 million visitors every year.